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21 Kundenbewertungen

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Review of Merlin G. (imported)

Leider war das Ito etwas beschmutzt, nicht nur normaler Dreck sondern auch ein wenig Blut. Der Schmied hatte sich wohl geschnitten und es nicht bemerkt. Zudem ist das Tsuka nicht ganz exakt in einer Linie mit der Klinge, was aber nur beim ganz genauen Begutachten auffällt. Aber wie bereits gesägt: Für diesen Preis ist die Waffe in einem Top-Zustand. Zu beanstanden wären diese Mängel wirklich nur, hätte ich für dieses Objekt mehrere hundert bzw. tausend Euro aufbringen müssen. MfG M.Gutgesell

Review of Serdar E. (imported)

Für den Preis mehr als gut...gerne wieder...

Review of Joachim H. (imported)

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, das Schwert ist gut verarbeitet (nichts wackelt oder fehlt, Details schön herausgearbeitet, lediglich wenig kleinere Kratzer auf der Klinge), für den Preis bin ich sehr zufrieden und werde demnächst hochwärtigeres bestellen

Review of Danny K. (imported)

Alles Super!

Review of Rüdiger S. (imported) (2 reviews)

Auf der Suche nach schönen, aber auch bezahlbaren Samuraischwertern bin ich auf die Seite von Katanamart gestossen. Wow, einfach toll.
Übersichtlich gestaltete Homepage, und tolle Angebote. Da konnte ich nicht wiederstehen und habe gleich zwei Schwerter bestellt. Einfache Abwicklung, schnelle Lieferung. Ich bin begeistert von der Qualität. Das werden sicher nicht die letzten sein.
Danke Katanamart.
Gruß aus Bochum

Review of P.A. (imported)

I got this sword on a discount for under $100, And for that price the build quality is amazing. The sword was wrapped well during shipping so that it doesn't get dirty or damaged. All of the fittings and wrappings on the handle and the saya were excellent, everything was tightly fit, nothing wiggled and the blade was held well in the handle. Contrary to older reviews, the sword was paper-cutting sharp. It's worth pointing out that the blade of my sword is 1cm longer than the description says and also the sword weights 100g less. Point of balance is about 15cm from the tsuba.
The issue I mention in the title is that if you really look for it you could make out a slight bending of the blade to the left. It doesn't seem to affect the performance but it's worth noting.
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Angel M. (imported)

el articulo es perfecto, ningún defecto. y el envío muy rápido. sin duda seguiré comprando artículos.
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Francisco a. (imported)

Como dije en el titulo, muy buena empresa, atención al cliente, 10 de 10 .
productos adquiridos, dos katanas estupendas, envió super rápido.
la única pega que le encuentro al producto es que en el interior del saya ( funda de la katana) no esta totalmente limpio y contiene residuos de bambú y aceite por el fresado de la madera, es por esto que al desenfundar la katana nunca ves la hoja limpia, igual me ocurrió con el tanto de regalo.
Por lo demás todo calidad de los materiales 100/100 auténticos, nada de imitaciones. gracias por todo y seguramente no sera mi única compra en Katana Mart.

Review of Thomas N. (imported)

Just as it looks in picture
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Pablo T. (imported)

Ha sido una compra excelente, estoy realmente satisfecho.

Review of Tomas S. (imported) (2 reviews)

I am very pleased with this product. Considering the price, heaviness and materials used, it is a very good display katana. Perhaps, at some point in time once I get a proper training, I may even use it for Battōjutsu.
4 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Rober H. (imported)

Es mi primera pieza adquirida y no será la última. Muy bien rematada y muy bonita!!

Review of Juraj K. (imported)

Colors and decorative features are on very high level, tachi is really beautiful, but it's a sword especially for a decorative purposes. Edge is pretty dull and you'll not find the `man romance` experience with this sword, so don't try to cut the tank. Overall, in decorative measures and especially for the price you pay for this piece, I recommend this one to put it anywhere in house/flat, it's especially beautiful and whether man or woman will enjoy it's presence in the household. Otherwise, for a sword applying purposes it's not the one, you would use to test your man's dreams.
Excellent decoration, poor use, Price/quality overall 8,5/10. And it's not a dissuasive price to pay in order to own something like this...
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Mario C. (imported)

Una buena compañía y un buen producto con una excelente relación calidad-precio.
5 Jintachi AIG....

Review of David O. (imported)

Très bon Katana tant au niveau esthétique qu’au niveau de la lame, bien aiguisée et solide.
A conseiller ...

Review of Keith P. (imported)

Great sword, nice quality, amazing price. Customer service is out of this world 'Alex' was so helpful, sorted everything for me and kept me up to date every step of the way. Full marks Katana Mart!!
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Ramón C. (imported)

Hola, todo muy bien, salvo un par de cosas, El cordaje blanco de la empuñadura, pronto se vuelve sucio de tocarla, y he tenido que ir a otra empresa a comprar el soporte.

Review of Alan S. (imported) (2 reviews)

The sword is fantastic for the money, the blade is beautiful, the fittings and sageo exquisite. The Tsukaito is tight and well wrapped, the Tsuba is well made and so are the other fittings. The only thing that let my purchase down was that there was no protective wrapping around the braiding and being a silver white in colour was filthy dirty. I did not want the hassle of returning the sword as it was out of stock. Luckily for me I brushed the braiding and it became a lot cleaner. Apart from this minor problem I can highly recommend this JinTachi it's the best made one I have seen for a very long time. It looks fantastic on a Tachi Kake, this is an excellent company to deal with, 5 stars all round.
3 Jintachi AIG....

Review of kevin l. (imported)

fake hamon so bad,i hope it 's real blade 1060 carbon,but beautiful sword too,thanks
5 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of Carlos I. (imported)

Adquirí recientemente este producto y mi satisfacción no ha podido ser mayor. A la belleza del arma, que las fotos no consiguen reflejar plenamente, se unen una gran elegancia y una remarcable calidad. Muy buenos acabados, gran servicio de envío y excelente relación calidad-precio. Un producto muy recomendable.
4 Jintachi Afilada | Espada ...

Review of RAUL M. (imported)

Pieza muy bien elaborada y grandes detalles, servicio rápido

21 Kundenbewertungen

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