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8 Kundenbewertungen

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Review of Klusta (imported)

Super schnelle lieferung, gute Qualität! Bin sehr zufrieden

Review of Jean-Marc T. (imported) (3 reviews)

Transaction sans souci, bonne communication, envoi TRES rapide, merci !

Review of Daniel P. (imported)

I'm a beginner in Iaido but here are my thoughts regarding this sword:

It's really tip heavy so it's exhausting to use, but I guess that can be a good thing too. The sori is quite big (which was one of the reasons why I wanted this sword), difficult to get used to at first. The tsuka is quite nice, it's decently wrapped. One thing I noted regarding the tsuka is that it might be slightly too short, at least that's how it felt, but then again I'm new so I can't say for sure.

The reason I didn't rate this five out of five was because of the saya. It's way too tight, it's not possible to properly draw the sword (which makes Iaido impossible). You have to force the sword in, and also force it out of the saya. This is a thing to watch out for in the future I think. This is my only complaint.

Note: the only other sword I own is a Ronin Dojo Pro, so that's what I based my thoughts on.

Review of Daniel M. (imported)

Salvo un problemilla de leve retraso en el envío, por lo demás perfecto, el envío, empaquetado y los artículos

Review of José V. (imported) (2 reviews)

Perfecta katana iaito para entrenamiento, bastante equilibrada, buenos materiales, tsuka con buen agarre, muy estética. Sageo japonés kakucho.

Review of Davidp (imported) (12 reviews)

Muy sobria y funcional buenos materiales y bastante bien equilibrada la recomiendo

Review of Davidp (imported) (12 reviews)

Muy equilibrada y sobria calidades de primera el tsukaito esta muy ajustado en la tsuka perfecta para entrenar la recomiendo.

Review of Aidan O. (imported)

Overall very good service and quality. There was a long delay in the delivery. But I was kept well informed on the delivery and Alex was great help.

8 Kundenbewertungen

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