WeeCommnets for everybody

If you work with an unsual CMS, a self development or maybe you have a physical store,you do not hace to limit your services and features anymore. We can integrate WeeComments with your online business.

Install Revi no matter what you are.

To work with a different CMS should not suppose to a services limitation. Now you are able to have a customized Weecomments version no matter what CMS you use or your business activity.

Unusual CMS

Building my own CMS


Physical Shop

¿What are your options?

Manual handling CSV

Invitations to old orders

You can have a basic version of Revi importing orders or emails from your database. We invite you to give your opinion about the store, the service or the products.

5€ /month VAT included


Personalized Integration

Keep reviews you already have

If you want a version with more functionalities we can integrate with your technical team to get a version of Revi tailored to your content manager.

Free integration*


¿Who is it for?

Unusual CMS

Getting an unusual CMS may suppose some limitations when installing modules or modifying parts of the code. Weecomments allows you to import your store orders or data base to have a basic version but equally as effective and functional.

Building my own CMS

We get in touch with the technical team that has developed your store or project to adapt Revi as much as possible with your internal code and get a full version with all the functionalities.


You do not have to sell products to have Revi. If you have a travel agency or any other business that sells a service, we can adapt the module so that your clients can give their opinion about the deal and their experience with you.


¿Do you want the customers of your physical store to think on your website? You only have to import your orders and we will send you an email to say the same as if you had an online store. Opinions will appear on your corporate website or wherever you want.

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If you want to integrate Revi in your store or web project, or simply need more information, please contact us so we can help you.

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