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Let your customers speak for you and get reviews in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

After the search option, customer reviews are the second most important feature of a shop


believes that reviews make them feel more comfortable when buying a product


This box displays the latest reviews in your store, the overall assessment, the stars and the number of total records. You also have many options that you can personally customize.

Google Shopping & Ads Reviews

Stand out about your competition with google stars in your Google Shopping products and Google Adwords ads.


We guarantee you the only reviews you get are the one from customers. They are not erased, nor manipulated. We also give you a certification that shows only use truthful reviews

Product Reviews

Having reviews on the tab of a product greatly increases visibility and conversion. It focuses the attention of your users on the reviews of those who have already bought and it helps them when deciding what to buy.

page views

We open a page on weeComments just for your website where you will find the total records, the reviews and what your website is worth. Customers will know who you are.


No matter how many languages you ​​have on your website, under the same subscription fee you can get reviews and display them in the language of your customers. No matter from where they are.

Top 5

Highlight your five best valued products so everyone can get quick access to them. Stars can help your sales and undecided customers.


Check your progress easily with complete statistics for the internal panel weeComments

Easy Start

Invitations to old orders

To get you started, we sent an email to all your customers to fill in a review sheet, even to the customers who bought something when you did not have a review system yet.

Import of reviews

Keep reviews you already have

Your reviews matter a lot, so if you already have customer reviews collected in your online store, you can import them for free to weeComments.

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