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  • 50 requests/month
  • Automatic rating request after purchase
  • Shop of trust widget
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Social Share
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  • 150 requests/month

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  • Easy Start
  • Purchased products in the order
  • Rich Snippets
  • Follow link
  • Facebook tab
  • Blacklist
  • Reminders




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  • Multi Language
  • SEO Plus
  • Automatic Facebook posts
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Annual Subscription

weeComments now gives you the option to sign up for annual payments in all our plans. Save up to 30% in any of our plans.

PRO annual

119€/year -23%


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Premium annual

229/year -23%


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CMS Compatible

weeComments works perfectly in the main CMS. If you work with a custom development shop or a different CMS we have a solution for you.





Total of Review Requests 50 reviews/month 150 reviews/month 500 reviews/month
Automatic email review request few days after purchase
Discount coupon for leaving a review (optional)
Trust widget in your shop
Product reviews widget
Reviews page of your ecommerce
Social Share
Easy Start (Review request to old orders)
Follow link (improves SEO)
Purchased products in the customers review
Rich Snippets Star for SEO
Facebook tab
Upgrade your opinion
Multi Language
SEO Plus
Automatic Facebook posts

Do you have more of an online store? Your ecommerce has a different CMS? We have a customized plan for you

Dictionary of Terms

Number of invitations to review

According to the plan you have chosen you have a number of invitations. with every order we sent a follow-up email to your customers with an evaluation. (With an automatic response on how many clients filled in the survey).

We open a page just for your online store on WeeComments with the amount of views and evaluations, and to let your customers know how you function.

Discount coupon

With discount coupons it is a lot easier to get your customers to fill in an evalutation and have them come back to your website. This feature is optional , but highly recommended.

Reviews widget

This box displays the latest reviews of your store, the overall evaluation, the stars and the total number of views. It also gives you a direct overview of the visited pages.

Easy Start

We will help you get your old customers to write reviews about your products. It is not because you do not have a review system, that your customers do not have an opinion about you.

* Do not try to write your own comments, because we do not support it. It will eventually turn against you in the future. Don't try it.

SEO Follow Link

When installing WeeComments on your page, we will add a direct link to your account. This means that you will appear on a better position on the google engine. This will make your website more known.

Reply to the comments

You need to reply to the responses that you get; thank them for the compliment and/or solve a problem. This will make you closer to your customer and you will get more confidence from them.

* We do not believe in working with false information in order to trick the customer.
You need to be seethrough and you will have more comments:

Product Reviews Widget

On the page we will only show the reviews of the product that the customer is interested in. This will help the customer not to get lost on the website.

Rich Snippets

The famous stars of Google appear when someone searches for a product from your store with the corresponding evaluations. We also suggest you to use categories as it is more visible.

SEO plus

The opinions happen to be stored on your own page. Your website has more content and is consistently updated. This will also help to get better results in Google.

Facebook tab

Now you have the opportunity to create a Facebook page with your reviews. They are already more familiar with your website before even entering it.

Automatic posting on Facebook

Your latest postive reviews will automatically be posted on your facebookpage. You can select days that your page gets updated.


If they have not given you a review we can send them a reminder to share their shopping experience with others.

Update your opinion

Every time you respond to a negative review of a custiomer, you will get an email that you will be able edit right away in case you want to add or change something.


If you want to prevent some people from getting certain emails, you can now add email adresses to a blacklist.