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15 avis de nos clients

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Review of dominique d. (2 reviews)

produit super... bien équilibré et enfin une arme différente des produits que l'on trouvent ailleurs .. un peu gros toute fois pour des pratiquants au petit gabarie .. mais perso j'adhère...

Review of Yannick C. (imported)

Bon produit, livraison rapide

Review of Robert R. (imported) (2 reviews)

Un peu surpris, car sur la description il était indiqué le poids de 1kg800 alors qu'elle fait 2kg500 sinon service rapide Cordialement Robert RODRIGUEZ
3 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of Matei I.

The naginatas themselves are great, excellent for solo or partner practice, at a good price!
However, of the total 10 naginatas that I have ordered here, 5 of them were warped and bent :(
So, this weekend, when I'm handing them out at a seminar to the people who ordered them, I might be in for an embarrassing time. I don't think it will make great advertising for Budodesign...
I believe I specifically asked for the naginatas to be checked before sending them. This obviously did not happen, and I also suspect that they were not correctly stored in the warehouse. A company that specializes in wooden weapons need to know how to store them in a way that they don't get warped!
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of Wayne M. (3 reviews)

Right length and weight. Good training weapon
5 Katori Naginata - Haya –...

Review of RUBEN A. (imported)

Una naginata de buen material, con un buen peso (ni muy pesada, ni muy ligera) y buen acabado. Es la más barata que he encontrado con esta calidad-precio en los últimos años. Esta es la segunda que compramos. Muy recomendable.
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of william w. (imported)

Product is amazing. Began my koryu training with naginata as soon as I received. Fantastic quality. Hard product to find. Will do business with seller again. Highly recommend!
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of Rahula a. (imported)

Good piece of kit, a bit heavier than what i expected but nicely made
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of Stewart F. (imported)

Great feeling can be obtained from this item. The weight is heavy enough to make you move with the weapon instead of moving the weapon itself which is not the correct method of use. Adding linseed to the finish gives this Naginata all that is required.
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of John S. (imported) (2 reviews)


Review of Christian W. (imported)

Benötigten kurzfristig eine Holz Naginata und Yari, möglichst in Originalgrößen. Die meisten Nahinata sind nur so groß wie ein Bo (Langstock) und zudem noch doppelt so teuer. Werden diese Artikel bei unserem Mitglieder mit aufnehmen. Danke (:

Review of Philipp T. (imported)

Nach einer recht zügigen Lieferung kam sie dann an. Nach den ersten Tests kann ich nur sagen, dass due Qualität für sich spricht: gut ausgewogen, gute Optik, keine Verarbeitungsfehler ersichtlich.

Review of Alper D. (imported)

Superb quality, superb packaging and very quick delivery, TOP!!!
5 Katori Naginata - Haya –...

Review of Alfonso (imported) (5 reviews)

Imponente naginata para trabajar con ella. Muy buena calidad.
Insuperable relación calidad-precio.
Gran compra.
5 KATORI NAGINATA | Beech | ...

Review of Lars H. (imported)

The naginata looks great, the curves are beautiful as well as the material (good quality oak). Its heavy as it should be for it's size and will be an excellent training weapon for years to come.

15 avis de nos clients

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