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Nobunaga Katana Aiguisé | Sabre Japonais | Artisanal a une cote de 9.7 de 10 basé sur 6 Avis des clients.

Nobunaga Katana Aiguisé | Sabre Japonais | Artisanal

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6 avis de nos clients

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Review of Adrian (imported)

Bonjour,je reçu ma commande et je suis trop contente de cette belle katana,très bon qualité et très pratique. Mercie bocup

Review of Phil B. (imported)

I purchased this sword in the hope it would be suitable for my requirements, which was to have a live blade for both Iai Kata and tamishi giri practice, I also wanted a substantially heavier blade to test and improve my technique. I was fully prepared for the quality not to meet my expectations, and therefore I would then assign it as a dojo cutter for tamishi giri practice.

However, when it arrived I was very surprised with how good the blade was, the weight was just what I was looking for and the balance was very good as well, the blade length was comparable with my existing Iaito, so not much adjustment was required for drawing and re-sheathing. technique.

I have had the sword for three days and have managed two training session and I am looking forward to tomorow for a third session, the weight is certainly testing my stamina and is requiring much work to maintain the quality of my technique.

Review of Patrick B. (imported)

Das Schwert ist wirklich super, keine Lockeren Teile, kein Klappern oder Klimpern, alle Teile scheinen pass-genau aufeinander abgestimmt, auch die Optik des Schwertes ist spitze, die Klinge macht einen sehr robusten Eindruck und ist super verarbeitet, von der Geometrie und der Schwerpunktverlagerung, bis hin zur Politur und der Hamon stimmt alles. Volle Punktzahl von mir.
Der Kundenservice/Korrespondenz verdient ebenfalls die volle Punktzahl.

Review of David R. (imported)

I brought this sword on a wing, not expecting much on the blade more just for looks for a tour for iaido but I was amazed when the sword arrived which was not only stunning but with an amazing edge, hammon and balence to the blade. I have been using the katana for a while now and have thought I'd put it to the test of tameshigiri in which it truly proved its name as a superior katana... Overall a 10/10, absolutely flawless and would definitely recommend to any experienced practicer

Review of fernando c. (imported)

excelente rapidez na entrega. Material como previsto

Review of Laureano S. (imported) (8 reviews)

Esta katana tiene un acabado de primera y aunque es pesada, casi 1700 gr., creo que satisface plenamente mis expectativas. El servicio de envío es rápido y correcto en su contenido y embalajes.

6 avis de nos clients

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