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Kunishi Tanto

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3 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Francois C. (imported) (2 reviews)

Reçu en cadeaux
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Jean-Marc T. (imported) (3 reviews)

Tres belle piece, merci !
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of sebastien g. (imported) (2 reviews)

1 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Thomas P. (imported)

Au lieu du tanto Kunishi que j'avais choisi et qui est sur ma facture, j'ai reçus le tanto Zatoichi, je l'ai donc offert, dommage !
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Franck B. (imported) (2 reviews)

bon rapport qualité-prix
3 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Guillaume T. (imported) (2 reviews)

Pas besoin que la lame soit aiguisée...
4 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Jean-François H. (imported) (4 reviews)

Bon rapport qualité / prix. Juste dommage que le fourreau ne soit pas à la hauteur, ce qui fait que la lame est salie par des particules à chaque sortie.
4 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of cedric b. (imported) (2 reviews)

livraison tres longue, mais service commercial à la hauteur et le materiel livré de tres bonne qualité !!!
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Jean-François H. (imported) (4 reviews)

Matériel conforme à la description. Tranchant de bonne qualité.

Review of isidoros b. (imported) (2 reviews)

It was a very nice gift with the katana sword but the blade has some defect that are cause by the sharpening.

Review of Scotty C. (imported) (22 reviews)

Received my Tanto as a free gift, quality is very good and for free too, many thanks!!!
4 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Eduardo B. (imported)

The fittings are nice and the price/quality ratio is good. The only con is that it came completely dull.
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Jordi c. (imported) (2 reviews)

Excelente matreríal de alta calidad...
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of David P. (imported) (3 reviews)


Review of Michael B. (imported) (2 reviews)

Superb, quality item

Review of Joe M. (imported)

I bought this sword because it was a good price, especially as this is my first Japanese sword. The product came well packaged and sharp. The tanto is very good for first time buyers and I will be buying again from this website in the near future.

Review of Keczeli Z. (imported) (3 reviews)

perfect product

Review of Gary L. (imported) (4 reviews)

Excellent product for the price

Review (imported) (24 reviews)

Short, fast, and well balanced, I would definitely recommend this tanto. The slightly curved blade is well crafted, with no visible problems, and the Tsuka, Tsuka Ito, and all other parts of the tanto are of equal quality. The tanto arrived on time, with no damage, along with my other purchase from this site, which I have also left a review for. If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be that the packing grease used in the saya to keep the blade clean during transport had smeared the blade somewhat, and it was a little bit of a pain to have to get rid of it all, however, that doesn't affect the actual tanto in any way, and therefore it is not to be seen as a problem with the weapon itself. In conclusion I would rate this tanto a 9/10, and recommend it to all who were looking for a cheapish, nice-looking piece.

Review of Rob b. (imported)

I've got two items now both excellent. Good service. Thanks

Review of Kevin T. (imported)

Quality service exception product fantastic value

Review of ARTHUR E. (imported)

Very pleased with the item.

Review of Martin A. (imported) (4 reviews)

The handmade Knishi Tanto is a magnificent weapon, it is substantial, fits perfectly into the wooded sayu and well balanced. This tanto is a beautiful work of art and the craftsmanship is second to none. If you are thinking to buy a Tanto for the first time, this is a really good buy. It will look great on a stand alone or with other swords if you want to display it. I will be buying more swords from Katanamart in the future.

Review of Ivan Y. (imported) (2 reviews)

Delighted with the quality of the Katana
5 Kunishi Tanto...

Review of Oscar C. (imported)

Muy bien. La katana esta fenomenal, me gusta mucho como se nota el Hamon y la terminación en general es bueno, tan solo destacar dos cosas, no me termina de gustar el acabado de los Mekugis, esto es, los pasadores que sujetan la Tsuka al Nakago, han quedado un poco feos, como mal terminados, y lo malo es que están muy a la vista, se ven bastante, incluso al coger la katana notas el pasador en las manos y por otro lado, el envío tardo un poco mas de la cuenta, la pedí y pague el día 2 y llego el 16.
Hay que decir que el regalo (kunishi tanto) muy bien, al igual que el kake.
El paquete llego en buen estado y con una funda acolchada mejor y mas manejable que el maletín que traían antes.

25 avis de nos clients

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